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Visual MP3 gives me an entirely control of ID3 tags. Unlike some programs this one lets you generate ID3v2 (or v1) from / to file names or others. In addition the interface is pretty cool. - by Gary
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 ID3 Tag Editor and Batch ID3 Tagging  

Visual ID3 is a tag editor utility of Visual MP3 and it allows you edit the ID3 tag of MP3 files by batch.
Visual ID3 - Batch ID3 Tagging You can apply the following actions to your mp3 files with Visual ID3:
  • Copy all ID3 v1 Tag to ID3 v2 Tag
  • Copy all ID3 v2 Tag to ID3 v1 Tag
  • Remove all ALC information inside MP3 files
  • Remove ID3 v1 and / or ID3 v2 Tags
  • Replace ID3 v1 Tag with Visual MP3 Database Tag
  • Replace ID3 v2 Tag with Visual MP3 Database Tag

  • Click ID3 button on toolbar Edit ID3 v1/v2 Tags at the same time Edit More ID3 v2 Tags
    You can also edit ID3 v1/v2 Tags one by one with ID3 Tag Editor of Visual MP3.

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      Edit ID3 v1/v2 Tags at the same time Edit More ID3 v2 Tags
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