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Visual MP3 CD Burner FAQ  
Registration Questions General Question

  Frequently Asked Questions  

Registration Questions
Q. How do I receive my software after purchasing?
A. After you have successfully purchased our software (either by our online store, or by alternate purchase methods) you will receive an e-mail from us. Inside this e-mail is your receipt for the purchase, as well as a registration code.

You need to run Visual MP3 CD Burner , click "Register" button from the main window. After that, enter the registration information in that e-mail and click the "Unlock" button to complete the process. Please note that you must enter the "Registration Name" and "Registration Code" EXACTLY as shown in that e-mail.
Q. Do I receive a CD with my purchase?
A. Yes. All of our products are available on CD-ROM for an additional shipping fee.
Q. I do not feel comfortable using my credit card online, what are my options?
A. If you do not feel comfortable using your credit card to purchase any of our products via our secure online store, you may use PayPal, FAX, Phone ,Postal Mail or Purchase Order. View our Alternate Purchase Methods page.
Q. I have lost my registration code, where can I obtain it?
A We can look up your order in our database! Click here to get it again.

General Questions
Q. What audio formats are supports?
A. Visual MP3 CD Burner supports MP3, MP2, WAV (compressed and uncompressed), WMA and Ogg Vorbis.
Q. Which Burn-Proof technologies are supported?
A. Visual MP3 CD Burner supports ALL Burn-Proof technologies, which will make sure that you never have another failed burn again!
Q. Is Burning Simulation supported?
A. You can click the "Test Burn" button to have a burning simulation
Q. Need I Convert all tracks to WAV files first?
A. No. Visual MP3 CD Burner can record audio file to CD On-The-Fly.
Q. How to insert a gap between two audio tracks?
A. Visual MP3 CD Burner uses "Track-at-Once" (TAO) burning method. This method of recording will put a 2 second gap between each audio track automatically.
Q. What are the differents between Test Burn and Real Burn?
A. The burning simulation won't change the CD because its aser is turned off. This is the only difference of them.
Q. What CD drives does Visual MP3 CD Burner support?
A. The Visual MP3 CD Burner has drive auto detect functionality that allows the it to work with most modern IDE drives. You can find the list of tested drives here. However, if you do not find your drive in this list, it doesn' mean that your drive is not supported by the program.
Q. I am using a slow computer, can I use your software?
A. Yes. Please visit our "Burn More Successfully" page.
Q. What Operating Systems is Visual MP3 CD Burner compatible with?
A. Visual MP3 CD Burner supports Microsoft Windows 95/98 /Me/NT/2000/ XP platforms.


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