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Free Download From Visual MP3 User:
This new ripper is really nice. The CDDB support really makes things much, much simpler.Keep up the good work and I'm looking forward to new options and whatever else you put out there. A satisfied new customer, -Eddy.
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 Free CD Ripper  

Free CD Ripper NO ASPI Manager Required!
Supports CD to MP3, CD to Ogg Vorbis and CD to WAV formats
Multiple modes for jitter correction
Multithreaded read and encode process
Supports ID3 Tagging, CDDB and Visual MP3 Database
Encode directly to MP3 or Ogg format with no intermediary WAV file

From The Developer - How the free cd ripper program designed:
Besides the features listed above, we wish the program is more easy to use. So we add the regular settings (e.g. Encoder Selection and MP3 Quality) to the left side of the main window. More advanced settings can be found in Options dialog. Download Now Download Visual MP3 and CD Ripper Bundle Now

Visual Ripper supports both LAME encoder and Ogg Vorbis Codec.
For information about LAME and Ogg Vorbis please visit www.mp3dev.org and www.xiph.org

Visual MP3 - CD Ripper MP3 Organizer and much much more : )

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